FAQ-01 Question of Tablet operation

Q1. What are the special features of Tablet products?
All our tablet products are use the World's advanced Tablet technologies which with Electromagnetic-resonance method
and Interactive pen input.
Our tablet product allows working directly on screen with a pressure-sensitive interactive pen.

Q2. How do the Tablet displays connect with computer?
It uses USB connectors.
Q3. Can users use Tablet displays on their laptop?
Usually, all Tablet displays can work with all kinds of laptops, but need install a Tablet driver.
Q4. Do the Tablet products work with Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP and Mac system?
Yes, our Tablet products can be used in Windows 7/Vista/XP and Mac OS 10.6x or above after installation the proper Tablet driver.
For Windows 7/Vista premium version or above, allows not installation of Tablet driver.

Q5. Can I use Tablets after upgrading my operating system?
Yes, you can, but may be need re-install a Tablet driver after your system has a fateful update, you can visit our website and download
the latest tablet driver for your tablet products.

Q6. How to exchange the pen nib?
There are two steps to exchange the pen nib.
Step-1: Use the tip replacement tool to pull the old tip straight out of the pen.

Step-2: Insert a new pen tip into the stylus pen and push the tip until it stops .
Q7. Can I connect both the Tablet and a normal mouse at the same time?
Yes, both devices can be used simultaneously.
Q8. What is the “Pen Height readable ”?
It is the available height readable which is calculates between pen nib to surface of screen.
Q9. What is the “ Pen Tilt Range ”?
It is the available tilt range when the pen drawing erect with the screen.
Q10. How to set the Pressure Sensitivity?
You may do the following:
Click pen pad icon (or click Start>Control Panel>Pen Pad) >click “Pressure” icon, drag the slider between soft and hard under
“Click Pressure” in the “Pen Pad” window.

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